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For entering, exiting or staring out a room.

Your house is more than just the place you live — it’s your home. So whether you’re looking to stylise your existing doors or windows to meet your ideal lifestyle, create more accessible living areas, redesign a space or simply renew what’s old, we can help. There’s a reason we’re trusted across Christchurch. Our consultants are experts, bringing the latest advice from the building industry to bear on your renovation. They’ll talk with you about your ideal project and how to create the window, door or outdoor fitting of your choice, with expert joiners. Plus, at our competitive rates and fast turn around times, the job you’ve been putting off for months or even years can be satisfied in just a few weeks — and that’s from initial build to final installation!

Our products

We have the latest in insulation and entrance technology,
designed to keep your home warm, comfortable and visibly pleasing.


Aluminum windows

We have the latest aluminum window designs in Christchurch, helping strengthen your home with material that stands the test of time. Keep out damp by properly insulating around your window frames and enjoy a warm winter

Double glazing

For the best double-glazed aluminium windows in Christchurch, look no further. Double glazing allows warmth to store during winter, and heat to dissipate during summer, keeping your house a consistent temperature.

Single glazed

Sometimes, one pane is all you need, particularly for garden sheds or sun-facing rooms. If you’re looking for a quality fitter for single glazed windows in Christchurch, get in contact with our team.


Bi-fold doors

If you’re looking for bi-fold doors or aluminium bi-doors doors in Christchurch, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide selection of bi-fold doors to suit any design you have in mind.

Entrance doors

Make your entrance the right way. If you’re after a particular entrance, front door or an aluminium entrance door for your Christchurch home, come see us at Ultimate Design & Renovation.

French doors

Go continental with our French doors and aluminium French doors, available in Christchurch. We offer a selection of doors to suit your particular style, colour needs and spacial considerations.

Hinged doors

ou can’t beat the classic. For internal or exterior use, we provide a range of hinged doors and aluminium hinged doors here in Christchurch. Create a warm, insulated environment inside and out with these terrific options.

Sliding doors

Make your trip to the patio or back yard easy with a sliding door. Great for moving furniture, catching the morning/evening sun or for those who like hosting parties. See our selection of sliding doors and aluminium sliding doors, available in Christchurch.



Looking to transform your patio, deck or outdoor space? Conservatories give a sheltered, attractive gathering space for guests, family and friends. Get in touch with us about a conservatory or aluminium conservatory for your Christchurch home.


Tired of getting blown away? Create an attractive feature wall with our windbreaks. See our Christchurch team about a windbreak today.

Like the sound of our products?

Windows, doors, conservatories or more, all available through our team. Make an enquiry to begin your new design today.

Our services

We’re available to replace, install and repair any installation around and outside of your home.



For aluminium or regular window replacements in Christchurch, give us a call. We’re experts at converting old timber into new, attractive aluminium windows.


Damaged, broken or leaky windows? Get in touch with our team for quality window and aluminium window repairs in Christchurch.


Looking for a new aluminium window installation for your Christchurch home? We can help with that.



For aluminium or regular door frame replacements in Christchurch, give us a call. We’re experts at converting old timber into new, attractive aluminium doors.


Damaged, broken or leaky door frames? Get in touch with our team for quality window and aluminium door repairs in Christchurch.


Looking for a new aluminium door installation for your Christchurch home? We can help with that.



Keen to transform your outdoor space in time for Christmas? We can help with your conservatory installation, available Christchurch-wide.


Old conservatory past its prime? Get a new look with a conservatory replacement service, available Christchurch-wide.

Keen to hire one of our services?

Repair, replace, install — all through the friendly team at Ultimate Design & Renovation.

Christchurch locals through and through.

As a family owned and operated business, Ultimate Design & Renovation prides itself on a great quality of service and a competitive price. In fact, we’re the only non-franchised business in Christchurch, which means you’re dealing with real people making their joinery right here in The Garden City. 

We have consultants ready to talk you through any stage of your project, from pricing to design and fitting process. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

aluminium doors and windows NZ

Some frequently asked questions.

Yes, aluminium can be treated and painted to look like wood, for a more rustic feel.

We have multiple options around pricing packages and payment plans. Talk to one of our consultants to arrange yours personally.

Because all of our windows, doors and outdoor items are made right here in Christchurch, from the time you order your windows we can have them installed into your home within two-three weeks.

We have a standard 5 years warranty on our product and installation, however, our double glazed units have a 10 year warranty, and if you choose the 40 series frame it also has a 10 year warranty.

Here’s what you can do

Working with other provider you get

Keep ordering badly fitting prefabs

Spend ages waited for refit

Deal with multiple companies

Get lost in transit times

End up with a less than perfect product

Working with us you can get

Order a unique frame

Get it built and fitted in a few weeks

Avoid freight costs

Talk to experienced consultants

Have a quality finish that suits your home

aluminium doors and windows NZ

Get expert window, door and outdoor services here in Christhchurch.

Built to your ideal specifications by our joinery team, we’re here to help you finish your renovation dreams.
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